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Code Hacker is a software development site that develops software using ASP.NET, C#, AJAX, iTextSharp, jQuery, SQL Server, QUnit, and now jqWidgets.

Definition of Code Hacker

Code - the symbolic arrangement of statements or instructions in a computer program in which letters, digits, etc. are represented as binary numbers; the set of instructions in such a program.

Hacker - one who is proficient at using or programming a computer - a computer buff.

We are not a Cracker site. This is the definition of a Cracker:

'A cracker is someone who breaks into someone else's computer system, often on a network; bypasses passwords or licenses in computer programs; or in other ways intentionally breaches computer security. A cracker can be doing this for profit, maliciously, for some altruistic purpose or cause, or because the challenge is there. Some breaking-and-entering has been done ostensibly to point out weaknesses in a site's security system.' -- Definition from Whatis.com

It appears that the crackers did not like this name because people thought that they lived in Georgia or Florida. So they called themselves hackers, but they are still crackers.

Software Development

Software development and testing includes:

  • ASP.NET Applications
  • iTextSharp Applications
  • jQuery Applications
  • Mobile Applications
  • SQL Server Applications

The current development environment is Visual Studio 2013, .NET Framework 4.5, and SQL Server 2012.

It is best to use Microsoft Internet Explorer to browse this website. Other browsers may not work due to Microsoft's new .NET design features.

Finally Installed SSL on the Website

We have been wanting to install SSL on the website for some time but the cost was too expensive.

Finally, there is a SSL certificate that you can purchase from RapidSSL that is very affordable. We just installed a SSL certificate on the website for only $29.00/year! This great price is offered by WinHost.

The installation was very easy to do and we had no problems after completing the installation. We were up and running in about 30 minutes after SSL certificate approval.

We recommend that you have your websites hosted by WinHost. Why? Because their network engineers are the best in the business! Whether you are starting out in website development or are a seasoned professional, they will quickly help you solve your problem by taking time to explain what you need to do at your level of experience. Although they are very knowledgeable, they will never talk down to you.

New QUnit section now added to Code Hacker website

QUnit is a powerful JavaScript unit testing framework. It's used by the jQuery, jQuery Mobile, jQuery UI and is capable of testing any generic JavaScript code.

QUnit was developed by John Resig as part of jQuery. John Resig is the creator of jQuery.

You can find the new QUnit section here in the Tab section: jQuery > QUnit

No Longer Supporting Internet Explorer versions 6, 7, or 8

Code Hacker is no longer supporting Internet Explorer 6, Internet Explorer 7, or Internet Explorer 8.

Please upgrade your Internet Explorer browser to the latest version so that your internet browsing may be an enjoyable one.

Search Bing.com and Get Rewards!

Bing.com now has the best internet search engine for searching the internet. This search engine gives a true picture of what is on the internet which produces very reliable search results.

There was a time many years ago that Google was the only search engine that could perform this feat. But over time, Google's greed has caught up with them and now their searches are very biased and do not represent true reliable search results.

Bing.com now has a rewards program that rewards you for your searches. If you spend a lot of time searching the internet, then Bing.com wants to reward you.

Sign up and give them a test drive today!

jQuery Coding Tip

There are times when you are developing an application and there is a need to switch style sheets. This is very simple to do with jQuery.

//Look for the media type you wish to switch to, then set the href to your new style sheet.
$('link[media='screen']').attr('href', 'alternate.css');

Javascript Coding Tip

It is true that browsers already have "back" buttons, but if you want to add "back" and "next" buttons to your web application for convenience, then use the statement below for your "back" button.

<input type="button" value="Go to Previous Page" onclick="history.back(-1)" />

iText and iTextSharp Update

A lot of emails have been coming in with this common question - How come your chapter titles on your iTextSharp web page do not match the chapter titles from Bruno Lowagie's book iText in Action?

Well dear coders, the answer is simple. Bruno's first publication was so successful that he released a second publication. Our code is based on his first publication.

Please purchase this book if you want to master PDF document creation. We do not have the time to answer the emails that keep coming in about how this PDF method works or how to perform a specific PDF modification.

Bruno has done an excellent job in explaining PDF document creation and manipulation. You should be able to master PDF documents by simply reading his book and examining the source code on our iTextSharp web page. Because after all, it is Bruno's source code translated to C#.

Basic Stamp & Javelin Stamp

If you enjoy programming microcontrollers, then check out the Basic Stamp and Javelin Stamp Software Application section.

ABCpdf Really Rocks!

We have been using iTextSharp for on-the-fly PDF document creation. However, we had a couple of clients that needed more advanced PDF documents and the ability to convert these PDF documents into different formats such as TIFF and Microsoft Word. We tested over ten products and then decided to go with ABCpdf. We really like what this .NET component can do!

Check out the ABCpdf Development section for examples.

Telerik RAD Tools are #1 in Fast Application Development!

We just recently received a large contract to redesign and rewrite a major company's website. We spent four days discussing the new website design and all source code that would support it. It was decided that we were going to have to use RAD development tools in order to get the job right and finish within the project deadline. After reviewing and testing several RAD tools, we finally chose Telerik. Their RAD tools were easy to use and their Visual Style Builder provided an excellent professional look to our client's website!

Check out the Telerik RAD Tools Development section for examples on how easy RAD tools can help make application development a breeze.

TAFFY Javascript Database

We really have enjoyed using the TAFFY Javascript Database for mock-up SQL Server database design and testing. TaffyDB is a JavaScript database with a CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) interface. Object oriented, under 10K and compatible with most AJAX frameworks around, TaffyDB is a cool tool to bring your AJAX applications to the next level!

jQuery Snippets

We have added a new section in the Sidebar Menu named 'jQuery Snippets'. If you need a quick jQuery snippet or want to know how certain jQuery methods work, then please check out this section!

jqWidgets Rules!!! Oh yeah, baby!

We have recently discovered jqWidgets and have we been blown away! Their jquery components are the best we have ever seen!

The jqWidgets component examples are the best. Don't know how to code a component? Look at the examples. You can tell that the developers at jqWidgets take pride in their components by the examples on their website. And if you still have problems, then their community site is great at helping solve your problem. Also, check out their pricing.

We are so impressed with these components that we are using them on our website.

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